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Our blogs about physical and sensory needs cover a broad range of conditions and how psychology can help those needs, written by our HSR Psychology team.

By Dana Cluyssen

Dealing with anger – How to find inner peace again

I recently participated an Overcoming Anger training by @innerspacemanchester (Twitter), where we discussed in depth not only what anger is and its consequences on our health, but also how we can use it to our advantage to promote joy and […]

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By Martine Crompton

Excessive sleeping in children and young people

On 8 November, some of us here at HSR Psychology attended the disabled living exhibition held by Kidz to adultz […]

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By Lauren O'Loughlin

How a psychological assessment can help you to better understand your child’s needs

Psychological assessments can be beneficial for many aspects of your child’s life – for example, they can bring about improvements […]

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