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Capacity assessments

Our psychologists provide capacity assessments on a range of matters for children and young people up to age 25. We are asked to provide a professional opinion on whether an individual has capacity for a specific matter/s in relation to their cognitive ability.

Examples of when we are asked to provide capacity assessments include:

We provide capacity assessments in relation to cognitive ability in a broad range of circumstances.

What is capacity?

Capacity refers to understanding the consequences of decisions made and being able to make your own decisions in terms of providing consent. Our specialist clinical, educational and child psychologists assess capacity in order to draw a professional opinion as to whether an individual has the capacity to make decisions to specific matters.

Who carries out a capacity assessment in relation to cognitive ability?

Capacity assessments in relation to cognitive ability are carried out by our specialist clinical, educational and child psychologists.

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How do we assess capacity?

As clinical, educational and child psychologists we are in a unique position to assess an individual in an efficient and comprehensive manner using a broad range of cognitive and psychological assessments.

When completing a capacity assessment we generally look to answer the following questions:

In compliance with statutory legislation we will take all reasonable steps to help the individual understand before coming to the conclusion that they are unable to make a decision on a specific matter.

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There are many reasons why our expert psychologists could be asked to carry out a capacity assessment, including:

When there are communication difficulties we would work alongside a speech and language therapist during the assessment to support our interpretation of communication. We have our own in house speech and language therapists who we work with to carry out a joint assessment or to make a joint decision as to whether an individual has capacity or not. Having in house speech and language therapists keeps the process within an efficient time frame.

Capacity assessments can be requested for a variety of reasons and we use our psychological knowledge to provide a thorough capacity assessment. To receive a quote for a capacity assessment please contact us now.

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