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Disabled students’ allowance

Our psychologists provide needs assessments for the Disabled Student’s Allowance.

What is the disabled students’ allowance?

The disabled students’ allowance (DSA) is a grant which provides funding for students who require extra resources to support their learning throughout further education. Students who have a pre-existing condition which impacts learning will need to send proof of past assessments to receive funding for the DSA needs assessment.

What services do we provide for the DSA?

At HSR Psychology we provide services for students applying for the DSA. We provide assessments and reports to support an application for funding.

As a private psychology service we provide personalised support before or during your university studies. Personalised support equips you with techniques to maximise your study time according to your learning needs.

What services do we provide for students who do not qualify for the DSA?

We provide a broad range of services for students who do not qualify for the DSA grant. Many of our services are available on a self-referral basis. Our team can support your specific needs so you can become better equipped with strategies to support your university life.

The DSA is a grant which provides funding to students who require extra equipment or support to help with university studies due to a learning need or disability. If you would like to find out more about our DSA services then please contact us to talk to a member of our team.

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