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Pastoral teams

Pastoral teams support children and young people within education settings to maximise their potential, and we provide specialist services to facilitate this role.

Our clinical, counselling, educational and child psychologists work with pastoral teams as a whole and with individual members.

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How can we help pastoral teams in their role?

We help pastoral teams in their role through providing specialist services to complement existing pastoral support provided within a school. Supporting the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people within an education setting is important towards the development of a child or young person. Our specialist services facilitate pastoral roles through early identification of needs in order to put appropriate support in place.

What services do we offer?

Our clinical, counselling, educational and child psychology service offers a broad range of services to support the role of pastoral teams. Our services include:

The services we offer are not provided in isolation within a school. Effective interventions are those which include a joined-up approach, which includes the sharing of good practice, strategies and techniques. Our psychologists work in partnership with pastoral teams to ensure maximum impact. Through a service level agreement as a school commissioned services we can provide a designated psychologist to an education setting.

What are the benefits of using HSR Psychology?

There are many benefits of using HSR Psychology within an education setting. Benefits of working with us include:

Working in partnership with pastoral teams, teaching staff, parents and carers enables us to provide the right level of support for each education setting and situation. Our bespoke services mean that we can offer a level of input to suit a variety of needs and budgets.

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Pastoral teams have a varied job role which benefits from the flexibility and immediate access we provide within our psychology services. Our holistic approach ensures that all identified needs are appropriately supported by our specialist team. Providing supervision and guidance to pastoral teams maximises the potential of children, young people and staff. To learn more about how we work with pastoral teams, you can book your free initial discussion, or contact us.

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